Natalia Kachelina
translator Russian / Finnish
Translations/ Interpreting
Russian / Finnish
+358 468 101 395 (Finland)
+7911 097 6958


Consecutive interpreting at meetings, business seminars and conferences.
Interpreting on the phone and via Skype.

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I am ready to serve you with my large experience of interpreting in various situations, such as official events, meetings, negotiations, court sessions, interviews, medical clinics, trainings, seminars, conferences, etc.
I work with both private customers and companies. I offer an individual approach for each client and the best prices for oral translations from Finnish and English into Russian and vice versa.

The price of interpreting services is calculated based on an hourly fee. The minimal order of interpreting services in Saint-Petersburg is for 3 hours.
Interpretation during business trips that take up to several days has a daily rate. Price of interpretation services, provided outside St.Petersburg (other cities in Russia and abroad), will include costs for travel, accommodation and meals of the interpreter, paid by the client.

Turning to me for interpreting, you will get a quality service and professional advice that will help you to better understand the Russian culture and establish a fruitful dialogue with your Russian business partners.